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Why buy your pendant lights online from us?

Pendant lights are becoming more and more popular over the years and it’s no wonder just why that is. When it comes to lighting, pendants are the epitome of contemporary style. They have the ability to completely transform a dated dreary room and give it an eclectic and modern feel. The sheer number of styles, sizes and shapes means that there is the perfect pendant for any style of room. Before we get into how to choose the perfect lighting for your space, let’s have a look at the latest trends.

New trends in pendant lighting
In the past, lighting was something done almost as an afterthought to decorating a room. These days, lighting is an integral part of the decor process as it can dramatically change the look and the mood of a room. While hanging lights have been around for a while, there are number of new trends emerging in the world of pendants. Here are two of the most interesting:

  1. Copper Pendants – One of the more elegant trends to hit the lighting world is copper light fixtures. The highly polished exteriors give these pendants a supremely polished and reflective look and designers are loving the opulence that they can add to a room.
  2. Large Pendant Lighting – it seems that big and bold is the flavour of the day as oversized lighting is completely in right now. Whether it be a long tall hanging lamp lighting up the corner of a room, or a striking oversized pendant over a kitchen island, it seems that bigger is better when it comes to lighting trends.

How to choose the right pendant lamps for your home
Given the immense range of styles, shapes and sizes, it’s important to know what you are looking for before you begin to browse. There are a few key things that you should consider to help you form an idea of what will look best in your home.

  1. Where – first and foremost think about where you will be hanging your pendant lights. Do they need to light a large area or a small specific area? These questions will help inform both how big a pendant light you should buy and the strength of the wattage. If they are destined for the kitchen then this article will help you.
  2. What size & how many – now that you know the size of the area you are lighting, consider if you’d rather light the area with a large feature pendant or a cluster or smaller hanging lights. If you are leaning toward a cluster then an odd number is often the most effective when it comes to style. Read more.
  3. What height – getting the correct height for your lights is a balancing act that should be carefully considered. You want them low enough so that the lighting is effective for the space you are illuminating, but not so low as to cause a hazard. A foot or two above head height is often the sweet spot for these lights.
  4. What style – the ideal style of pendant will be informed by a number of factors: the type of room its intended for and the purpose the lights will serve.
    • Type of roommodern and contemporary styles are complemented by industrial pendants or glass pendants. For more traditional decors, a pendant lamp is an excellent choice.
    • Purpose – With such a wide variety of shapes it can be quite overwhelming but the rule of thumb is the think about what purpose the lights will serve. If you want to add gentle mood lighting then small and elegant designs are often the best idea. If you want to illuminate a task space then dome shape that beams light into a smaller area could be a good choice. However, if you want to illuminate a large space then hanging lamps or large pendants are the ideal choice.
  5. Colour – The colour of your new lights should be informed by the existing colour palette in the room. If your room is busy and has lots of colours then glass pendant lighting might be a good option. If you have contemporary decor then bold striking colours like black or red look fabulous.

Tips for buying pendant lights online
By now you’ve probably got a fair idea about what it is that you want so it’s time to go shopping! Before you pull your credit card out and eagerly start punching in the numbers, there are a couple of things you should think about. First and foremost, make sure you check the shipping costs for any new item you like. There is nothing worse than finding your ideal product for a bargain price and then getting to checkout and realising the shipping costs blow your budget. Also, check the exchanges and returns policy of the website you are buying from. If your new lights arrive and they are not quite right, you want to be sure there is a hassle free returns policy.