How to choose a pendant light for your kitchen

Kitchens are undoubtedly such an important room in the home! A social spot where friends and families come together to consume good food and have a good chat. It seems obvious, then, that a kitchens layout should reflect these ideals and be harmonious with your everyday lifestyle. Large tables and islands are great examples of a kitchen preparing itself for a constant influx of visitors, and it is these spaces that benefit best from pendant lighting.

So, how do I choose the right one?

Once you know you want to incorporate some form of pendant lighting into your kitchen, you will probably want to start looking at different designs straight away, but try to refrain! There are a few things you must take into consideration before buying, to ensure that the image in your head can become a reality.


You must get to grips with the measurements of your ceiling and the surface it will be shining on in order for it to hang in its optimum place. If you don’t, then you run the risk of having a light that blocks your views or obstructs important features in your kitchen. Take the time to think it through, if you have a high ceiling, you’re going to need a longer lead!


The size of the kitchen and pendant light should depend on one another. Although it sounds obvious, its important to get the right size and number of lights, getting either of these wrong can make a kitchen look small or clumsy.

If you can’t decide, think about the rule of three, this principle will create a balanced look over your surface. If the surface is small or the lights too large, however, two can prevent it looking cluttered.


There are other little things that can be considered such as the brightness of the light. For a less obtrusive light, semi-opaque bulbs and light diffusers are available. Still, the kitchen must remain practical for food preparation despite the desire to create a tranquil atmosphere in the evening. To target this you may want to invest in a dimmer switch so that you can always be in control of the mood you want to set.

Practical and Picturesque

The biggest benefit of pendant lighting, as we have established, is that it can serve two purposes. Although its fundamental purpose is to work as task lighting, they hold the potentiality to become the main feature of a kitchen. When done right, this lighting should work within both areas of appliance and appeal to create an idyllic space.

When choosing the colour of your lighting, you might want to think about what you are trying to achieve. If you are happy with your current array of colour amongst your cabinets, furniture and utensils, you can reinforce it by choosing a similar pendant light to compliment and accentuate the existing colours.


If however you have a neutral kitchen that you want to liven up, then you might want to pick a vibrant colour to contrast and become a focal point of the kitchen.


If you have a spacious kitchen, you could use this focal point to potentially split up the room and create a boundary between the kitchen and the dining area. A large pendant light is the perfect option for this.


Take all of this in, and then you can begin to decide what design will benefit you and your kitchen the most. Whether this means looking for lights that achieve an effortless elegance with their sheer simplicity, or an innovative avant-garde centerpiece that will form the base of your ultimate kitchen, you decide!