Dining room lighting ideas

If you recorded the time you spend in the dining room, it would probably be a series of contradictory images between down-time with the family, enjoying food and talking about their day, and times when you have had guests over for dinner, attempting unusual cuisine and keeping a smile on your face – which can often be quite stressful.

Because of this, it is important to create a dining room that can adapt itself to these contrasting affairs, as we all know life isn’t full of wining and dining. This can be done with a little help from your lighting.

Lighting in the dining area is important in order for people to be comfortable, whether this means having substantial lighting in the daytime or having a subtle glow on special occasions. The exterior of lighting should also emit a sense of style and luxury, whilst also being practical.

Pendant lights

Of course we have to give pendant lights a plug! Pendant lighting is always a good idea in these instances; it can add the unique touch you desire as well as being utterly versatile.

Pendant lights are space savers, occupying a space just above the table they hang majestically, lighting up all the good bits. Low enough to allow your food to take center stage and yet high enough to stay clear of lumbering hands, on those crazier days.


Wall sconces

Wall sconces are a more traditional form of lighting that can also work to resolve your dining dichotomy. Use them along with the main light to create a bright and productive atmosphere, or use them alone to produce a more relaxing and ambient feel. Sconces also come in a variety of designs, but be sure that you have enough space in your room before choosing to avoid creating a cluttered feel.


Beam lighting

Using beam lighting is a great way of drawing attention to the best assets in the room, which is always a bonus if you have guests over. Let these shine down on the table, pictures and other features to highlight them whilst also emitting a heavenly feeling, quite literally.

Dimmer switch

Although the dimmer switch isn’t technically a light, this qualifies as a dining room lighting idea as it fulfills the feat that every dining room should aim for. The dimmer switch allows you, as the homeowner and host, to create a multitude of moods at the switch of a button. With these, you can have some form of control over your daytime dramas and evening events.


All of these lighting ideas have the potential to transform your dining area, but you don’t need to be confined to the one. Having different sources of light can not only serve as extra decoration, but might also create a better light through using different layers… try it!