Modern lighting ideas

It is a perpetual fact that lighting up your house will always be a necessity. What is constantly developing and budding, however, is the way lighting is employed and used within the home.

Contemporary lighting ideas are constantly on the up, which means that homeowners can use light to their advantage, to make their space into a tranquil (and not to mention well-lit) haven.

Here is a list for some of the top modern lighting ideas that have the potential to make you revamp your own thinking and make you change the way you utilise light.

  1. Stairway lights (inside or out)

These sorts of lights really come to life when it gets dark, and it is then when they exude a sort of magic. For a dramatic effect on your stairs, use a bright dramatic effect that reflects onto the walls and creates the illusion that you’re ascending to anywhere but your bedroom.

For a subtler but equally as alluring effect, incorporate light into the bannister. This releases a quieter light that is romantic but still maintains that desired illusory effect and even more, allows you to get up and down the stairs without any accidents!

Take this concept outside for an enchanting and sweet look with spotlights, which create a gentle and captivating look.

  1. The Floor lamp

Floor lamps are probably the most unappreciated accessory that can be used within the home but recent designs have heightened their status to the ultimate contemporary statement.

Floor lamps come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so it is hard not to find one that will work well with your deco, what is probably more challenging, is deciding where it should go.

So, you need that extra bit of lighting in your living room but you’re not sure how to address it…

They can stand near furniture to provide a soft light on those idle days where you just want to get stuck into a good book. Or they can be used as a space-filler, to fit into that awkward corner that has been left bare for so long.

Whatever you decide, they are guaranteed to exhibit your sense of style in a thousand ways, without saying anything. Check out this store for a huge range of fabulous floor lamps.

  1. The Wall light 

The wall light is admittedly not a modern lighting idea, but the way in which it is being used in home deco today, irrefutably gives it a fresh twist.

Instead of accepting their fate as minimalistic task-lighting, the wall light has congregated to re-invent itself as the centerpiece of a room. In this sense, more is more.

This look can be achieved by dispersing small and simplistic lights unevenly across a room to create a presence that resembles stars. This technique produces a delicate and romantic ambience from the subtle twinkle of each light. It is perfect for making a room relaxing, and you won’t need candles.

For a completely contrasting effect, you can use more extravagant lights to create a form of wall-art that will become the focal point of your room, a meshing of art and practicality in its truest form.


  1. Pendant lights

Pendant lights have become a classic modern lighting idea, if that’s possible. They are the ultimate decoration, the bauble to our Christmas tree and they allow us to embellish our houses in the most striking of ways. Pendant lighting comes in the widest assortment and you can have more than one – so you can pick ‘n’ mix to your hearts content.

Putting appearance aside, pendant lighting has the ability to provide an intense and concentrated light on one area or illuminate your whole room, its all a matter of deciding the length of the cord and the amount you want to use. This means that you have the freedom to play around and have fun with these, to get as close to the desired effect as possible. If this is your modern light of choice then find out how to hang a pendant light here.