Top Pendant Lighting Trends

Pendant lighting is an endless way of enhancing rooms with vastly unique designs whilst providing us with the thing we all need, light!

The assortment of pendants available today allows you to be picky and go for something that suits your moods, feelings and family personality.

Here is a list of just some of the contemporary pendant lighting trends that have the potential to make your light into that dynamic piece of art to complete your room.

1. Glass Art

Glass art pendants are a great way of creating a spacious and elegant atmosphere that is unobtrusive and yet striking at the same time. The benefit of choosing glass is that it is your choice whether you want to have fun using a variety of contrasting colours and textures to demand focus, or remain neutral and have a delicate and opulent presence. Glass pendants are an excellent way to add colour, light and style to your indoor space.


2. Copper

Cooper pendant lights are extremely popular at the moment! The polished mirror finished coupled with the unique copper colour is causing a scene in the decorating spheres. For a dramatic effect go for one or two large copper pendants and for a more subtle effect, select three smaller copper lights. These look fabulous in the kitchen around stainless steel fittings.


3. Large Pendants

Traditionally, pendant lights are smaller and come in a cluster of 3 or 5. They create a dramatic lighting effect around a particular area such as a kitchen island. Lately however, there has been a trend toward large pendants. Just selecting one large light with a unique and often colourful design can add a unique and flattering effect to any area, although they look particularly good when hung over a kitchen or dining room table!


4. The Cluster

The cluster is a modern statement that demands to be recognised. It has an urban shabby-chic feel in that it rebels against the traditional notions that lights should be elegant and chandelier-esque. A true combination of deluxe and austerity. Its unapologetic simplicity can be fine-tuned by varying the height of different bulbs to create texture. A benefit of choosing a light like this is that is a dramatic focal point, without all the fuss.


5. Industrial Lighting

Industrial interior design has always been popular and its no different with pendant lighting. Using industrial pendant lights to illuminate an area that has an existing industrial decor such as glossed concrete flooring or exposed bricks is an excellent way to add unique lighting to dark corners of a room.

6. Eastern Enchantment

Using inspiration from a fusion of Asian, Chinese and Moroccan influences, these eastern lanterns are wholly exotic and on-trend. These lights provide an undeniably plush look with the addition of lacy patterns being projected onto your walls, producing an ambience that cannot be underestimated. Go for a warming colour such as copper/bronze for an authentic feel, or purchase a stainless steel/aluminium one for a minimalistic and intricate look.